HCRC Charter Launch, June 21, 2021

Since the 1970’s Michigan has been home to a growing population of Hindus who migrated to work in science, technology, healthcare, and  many more arenas. Today, Hindu-Americans contribute significantly to Michigan’s rich diversity. While there are many Hindu religious centers  and secular Indian-American organizations that reflect the diverse traditions, cultures, and languages of India here in Michigan, HCRC seeks to represent the civic interests of the Hindu-American diaspora at large , which encompasses people from South Asia and beyond.

A group of Hindu leaders have come together to be that voice for the Hindu-American community in Michigan, and to develop collaborative relationships with other interest groups  while advocating for iHindu-American interests here in Michigan. We have launched on International Yoga Day in 2021.

Learn about our mission, vision, goals, and how we plan to amplify and strengthen the voices of Michigan’s Hindu community. We will discuss the specific issues affecting the Hindu- American community and those concerns that we share with the broader community of Michiganders. With increased recognition and understanding of the Michigan Hindu community, we hope to create a more prosperous Michigan for future generations.